By Sandy Sponaugle
Posted on October 11, 2017
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Check out my recent podcast interview

Recently, I got the opportunity to be interviewed on the Zesty Marketing podcast, hosted by Whitney Hahn. Whitey is the managing partner of Digital Bard, a digital marketing company in Frederick, MD.

I met Whitney several years ago and I’ve worked with her team on the production of over 30 videos together.

We had a great time sitting down to chat about all things marketing — specifically for Econ Dev and Tourism Organizations.

Check out the podcast here.

The Zesty Marketing Podcast: Creating a Community Brand for EconDev or Tourism with Sandy Sponaugle

During the interview, we talked about…

  • Why it’s so important to remember the difference between yourself and your target market in all your messaging
  • How to be creative with your content calendar (and my favorite place to start when creating one with clients)
  • How to increase collaboration with other organizations in your community (This one is especially for you — EDOs and Tourism Organizations!)
  • “Traditional advertising” vs. social media and online methods — and the common ground between the two needed for either methods to be successful
  • How to get the attention of influencers (and why just sending them a press release is NOT what I’d suggest)

Check out the podcast here.

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