We help Economic Development and Tourism-based Organizations like yours to create and implement customized communications plans to reach and engage your ideal audience.

From creating a consistent brand to telling a powerful story and getting the media’s attention — we’re here to help your organization get more expansions, leads, and deals through your marketing!

We offer full-service implementation, consulting, and both online and in-person workshops to give your team the marketing training to succeed.

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Economic Development

We help economic development organizations create clear strategies for getting more businesses to locate to your county, and more local businesses to expand.

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Need to attract more visitors to your community? At Platinum PR, we take the guesswork out of your communications efforts — so you get the exposure that attracts overnight guests.

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We offer a variety of support to fit your organization’s particular needs:

Full-Service or Partial Implementation

We’ll help you create your strategic marketing strategy to elevate your online presence, engage your customers, and get a greater return on marketing investments (and on stakeholders’ investments). Then, our talented team of writers, web designers, developers, and more can take the marketing & PR needs off your hands so you can fully outsource these needs. (Check out how we can help your Econ Dev Organization here, or your Tourism Organization here.)


If you’ve ever wished you had an outsider with an insider’s knowledge that could help you triple your productivity and results, our consulting could be your answer. Platinum PR CEO Sandy Dubay offers consulting for organization directors and staff to give you an outside perspective and a trusted place to bounce ideas off of.

Online Classes, Workshops, and Customized Presentations

Need Marketing and PR expertise that your staff can implement? Looking to educate and train your staff so they can get better results within your organization? We offer online classes your team can begin at any time. (Check out the online classes here.) We can also create customized trainings, workshops, and presentations for events based on your specific needs. (Find a range of speaking topics here.)

New Employee Coaching

One of the best ways to be effective in a new Economic Development Marketing role is by working with an outside coach. Our New Employee Coaching plans are customized to meet your needs and budget. If you would like support to operate at your highest level, learn more about New Employee Coaching here.

Diversity Strategies and Initiatives

Is your organization looking to improve economic inclusion in your community? With a community-driven approach, we help you assess the most pressing issues in your community and then we bring together the key players to build customized diversity initiatives. We then help you weave intentional diversity strategies into your organization’s existing structure so that the changes you make are sustainable over a long period of time. Learn more here.

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