Are you new to your role in Economic Development Marketing? Are you still trying to navigate the landscape?

Or perhaps you’re a director with a new hire, and you’d like support for them so they operate at their highest level?

When a new employee joins your team, their goal is to take work off your hands. But often, there is a period of time in which they need a lot of guidance and support.

It’s not that they don’t have the proper skill set for their new position. The problem is that there’s a strong learning curve when it comes to starting a new role in Economic Development (especially for those from another industry or just out of college).

They can either learn from costly, time-consuming mistakes…

Or… they can get outside support!

New Hire Coaching is available from Platinum PR CEO Sandy Sponaugle.

After working within Economic Development Organizations and as a Marketing & PR Consultant for EDOs for 20+ years, as well as working in private sector companies across a breadth of industries, I am uniquely positioned to provide new employees with the tools to be successful.

As a coach for new hires, I can…

  • Provide them with the tools and strategies outside of their experience
  • Be a resource for questions they have
  • Help them figure out how to problem-solve
  • Fill in the blanks of what they don’t know
  • Help guide and direct them
  • Collaborate with them on their new projects
  • Help them feel competent in their decisions and recommendations 

How it Works:

Over the course of 4 months, we’ll meet twice a month for an hour at a time. We’ll meet over the phone or virtually over zoom video calls.

They’ll share what they are working on or challenged by. I’ll help them figure out the right strategies to be highly effective as soon as possible. All questions will be welcome here, and my goal is to help them fast-track their success through our work together.

Program Details:

New Hire Coaching {Tier 1}

  • Two 60-Minute Calls Per Month
  • Email Access in Between Calls
  • 4-Month Commitment

$300 Per Month

Want Additional Support?  The Tier 2 Option May Be Right For You:

New Hire Coaching {Tier 2}

  • Two 60-Minute Calls Per Month
  • Email Access in Between Calls
  • Texting Access
  • Up to one page of content can be reviewed by my team each week to provide feedback and suggestions. Please note this does not include editing or design — just a second set of eyes.
  • 4-Month Commitment