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By Sandy Dubay
Posted on February 28, 2017
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Economic Development Advertising vs. Publicity

We all know that publicity is a good thing. More visibility can lead to more prospects and ultimately — more investments in your community!

However, not all publicity is created equal. 

So which is better… paid advertising or “earned” publicity? We’re going to delve into economic development advertising vs. publicity.

Let’s look at it this way…

Here’s an example of economic development advertising vs. publicity: as a consumer, which of the following would be more likely to get your attention? 

  1. An advertisement in a magazine smack dab in the middle of an article you’re reading about “Top 10 Events in Baltimore this Spring”
  1. Or, the article you’re reading, called “Top 10 Events in Baltimore this Spring” 😉

Chances are, you’re more interested in the content! We all want to read great stories, vetted by a journalist or publication to “newsworthy.”

This type of content is “earned” media… and it’s FREE!

Now, if you’re a part of an Economic Development Organization, you might be thinking, “Sure — I’d LOVE to get free publicity… but how do I do that?”

Because maybe you’ve sent out the occasional press release and checked it off your list. But it doesn’t lead to much, and the whole thing can feel totally out of your hands.

Here’s the thing…

Most Economic Development Organizations not getting enough publicity are simply not taking the right steps.

There are tons of great opportunities out there to get publicity, like…

  • Local Bloggers who need juicy content to share with their readers
  • Community-oriented podcasts that need interesting events to share and people to interview
  • Local radio shows wanting to give updated current events to listeners

These are just a few examples of the opportunities in your community to get publicity.

What it comes down to is building relationships with the media, and proactively pitching interesting stories to them.

This is so important because we often forget that we have information of value to share. The truth is that all of the information in your head is what business owners need to learn and hear about. And media is a great way to do that!

In my course Creating Your Prospect Funnel, we’re breaking down how to get earned media in simple steps.

You’ll get simple frameworks for creating a pitch you’re excited about… and that the media is too! Plus, scripts for reaching out to the media so you can get a yes!

This is just one key part of Creating Your Prospect Funnel.

The entire course is built to take you through a step-by-step methodical system so your organization has a clear marketing plan that leads to results!

Media is just one way to get the attention of prospects. There are so many key marketing strategies your organization may not be fully utilizing. So are you ready to take it to the next level?!

And remember, when you sign up for the course by Wednesday, March 1st at 6pm EST, you get the Early Bird bonuses of:

  • $100 in savings on the price of the course!
  • A private one-on-one consulting call with me to get my help with your organization’s marketing.

You can learn more about economic development advertising vs. publicity and find out all about Creating Your Prospect Funnel here.

Photo Credit:Newspapers B&W by Jon S. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 

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