Is your organization looking to improve economic inclusion in your community?

You know the time for action is now – and you need a plan that is right for your community’s specific challenges and needs.

With our expertise in economic development, we can help you weave intentional diversity strategies and initiatives into your organization’s existing structure – so that the changes you make are sustainable over a long period of time.

Economic inclusion requires community cooperation – including businesses, anchor institutions, government agencies, nonprofits, neighborhood organizations, and civic leadership – in taking proactive steps to identify and remove barriers that have denied segments of the population, particularly underrepresented peoples, pathways to opportunity and economic advancement. Our approach to diversity and inclusion includes takes into account discrimination as it relates to race, disabilities, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.

To create initiatives that will best serve your specific challenges and needs, we will take a community-driven approach that starts with a deep-dive assessment period.

We research the most pressing issues in your community, speak to stakeholders and local leaders, and survey residents and business owners to find the most significant challenges and problems.

We bring together the key players to build customized diversity initiatives that best work for your community. Here are a few examples of diversity initiatives that we have created for clients:

  • Outreach: Through online marketing methods, partnerships with civic groups, and more strategic relationship building, creating central communication hubs to share important resources and opportunities with new, existing, and potential underrepresented business owners, employers, and employees in the community.
  • Education: Developing specialized educational offerings and trainings to support the direct needs of underrepresented business owners, employers, and employees.
  • Support: Developing a support system for underrepresented business owners, underrepresented employees, and county employees through the local economic development organization to actively create community, networking opportunities, and powerful connections, 

(Note: This list is not exhaustive, and strategies are customized to your needs.)

After our thorough assessment period, we strategically build out diversity initiatives customized for your community.

Our team of professionals can then oversee the initiatives, bring subject matter experts to the program, manage community engagement and public relations, lead webinars, ghostwrite content, facilitate meetings, and more.

We offer varying levels of support based on your budget and needs. Our offerings range from one-time consultation calls to creating and overseeing complete diversity programs.

We are proud to have spent the past 20+ years serving economic development and tourism organizations, and to offer support in this capacity.

To find out the next steps that are best for your organization, schedule a call with us.

Whether you’re looking for an outside consultant to help you create a plan or full-on implementation support, our team of professionals is here to help.

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