Maryland Economic Development Association

The Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a membership-based organization that supports individuals who encourage job creation and capital investment in Maryland.

Their Results

Rebooting their Website

We worked with their web developer and other members of the MEDA team to launch the new website. We integrated the site with some outside tools, which helped to automate processes — making systems efficient for the members and for MEDA staff. This new format allowed us to update the content more regularly.

Crafting Member Newsletters, Social Media Posts, and Web Copy

We work with MEDA’s team in-depth to create regular newsletters and social media posts to engage their audience. We work hand-in-hand with the MEDA team to make sure everything feels authentically in their voice, and will resonate with their audience.

A Powerful Partnership to Support MEDA’s Continued Communications Growth

Through our work on MEDA’s communications plan and execution, we’ve helped them have a consistent online presence, deepening relationships with current members, attracting new members, and hosting successful events throughout the year. This has helped to boost event attendance and engagement between MEDA events. Since we are part of the team, the other MEDA staff is able to devote their precious time to cultivating new financial partners, maintaining members, organizing great conferences, and more.