Historic McFarland House

The Historic McFarland House is a celebration venue in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, a popular choice for weddings and social events.

Their Results

  • We secured media exposure in regional magazines, newspapers, television and radio interviews.
  • We blogged for them about upcoming events.
  • We managed their social media accounts, and doubled their fanbase on Facebook.
  • We provided greater descriptions and consistent marketing materials.
  • We worked with them to launch a new website with more up-to-date branding.
  • We also helped them to go from having a few events, to having multiple successful events each month and several signature annual events with 150 – 250 people in attendance.
  • We also helped double membership for the “Victual Club”.
  • We executed their vision for the inaugural “Valley Chef Showdown.” With 200 people attending the kick-off event, and 100 people attending the final part of this 2-part competition, selling out seats. We also secured regional media exposure for the event.

Helping the Historic McFarland House Get Recognized as a Popular Event Destination

During our time together, we helped the Historic McFarland House get on the map as a popular destination for regional events. We were thrilled to support them with reaching more people and to help them create popular events, like the Valley Chef Showdown, or the quarterly “Girls’ Night Out events.”

Through the new branding, social media strategies, we were able to help them increase event attendance, and make a stronger name for themselves in the area.