Cecil County Office of Economic Development

Cecil County Office of Economic Development stimulates growth and job creation by illuminating the County’s existing assets. Cecil County has both a heavy manufacturing culture AND great tourist attractions — like a river that runs up through the county, good restaurants, and other attractions.

Their Results:

Compelling New Annual Report

We worked with them to create a beautiful and informative report that communicates their attributes and aspirations to the county. This report helps to illustrate the activities and energy that is alive in Cecil County.

Expanding Presence in Key Publications

We created branded and targeted advertisements in key international, national, and regional publications, giving the county more exposure.

Engaging Target Audience Through Storytelling

We helped them to tell their story through advertorial opportunities. And, we provided them with press release guidelines, empowering them to reach out to press on their own, and pitch powerful stories.




Cecil County Attracts Investments

Through Platinum PR’s partnership with Cecil County Office of Economic Development, we helped Cecil Country to grow its reputation as a powerful force in the additive manufacturing industry. Many new companies have located to or expanded their operations with Cecil County.