Sophie Smith is a community-development specialist who is dedicated to helping small-town economies reach their fullest potential. Sophie is the Director of Operations at Platinum PR.

Previously the Main Street Manager in Brunswick, Maryland, Sophie is familiar with the challenges that face growing communities. In this role Sophie served in multiple capacities, but primarily worked with small businesses, property owners, government officials and other local entities to achieve their economic development objectives. She additionally led the organization’s re-branding effort and ran their marketing and outreach initiatives. Sophie has previously worked as the Volunteer Coordinator at United Way of Frederick County and as the Global Project Manager for UNESCO Center for Peace. She brings a strong background of project management, strategy, and organization to the Platinum PR team.

Though originally from Freeport, Maine, Sophie is a Hood College legacy graduate with a degree in Global Studies. She has lived in four different countries and speaks two different languages. Sophie is thrilled to be shifting her career into the world of Public Relations!