Need more visitors to choose your destination as their dream vacation?

You may know that reaching more desired customers requires a strategic marketing and PR plan. But when it comes to securing press and elevating your web presence, where do you start? How do you put together a pitch that gets the media’s attention? Which publications should you target so you reach the right audience? And between Facebook, Twitter, and the latest social media craze, how do you stay relevant with your target market?


Our Strategies are Simple

At Platinum PR, we take the guesswork out of your communications efforts — so you get the publicity that attracts overnight visitors.

We help you tell great stories.

Storytelling is the key to building a connection with your audience. Our talented staff of writers is here to create content that strikes a chord with your target market.

We get your pitches in front of the right people.

We identify the publications you need to target to reach the right audience. Then, we leverage our relationships with the media so your pitches get noticed (rather than you wondering if your pitch has gone into a black hole).

We elevate your online presence.

We also help you create an overall communications plan to elevate your online presence. We help update, upgrade, and maintain your website, so you can show off your community’s best features. We also work with you to elevate your social media presence. We create customized blogging and social media strategies, and then implement them so you stay top of mind.

Get Noticed

Whether you need PR support or an entire communications plan, Platinum PR is here to help you get noticed.

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