By Sandy Sponaugle
Posted on February 24, 2017
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I’m so freaking excited about this! (Big announcement!)

Today, I have a super exciting announcement!

I’ve spent the past 20 years working one-on-one with Economic Development Organizations, helping them to reach more prospects and grow their communities’ economies through strategic marketing.

After spending thousands of hours giving one-on-one support, I have so much valuable marketing information & ideas in my head… I wanted to create a super accessible way to share it with YOU!

And so, I’ve put together my top strategies into a step-by-step system in a course called Creating Your Prospect Funnel.

In Creating Your Prospect Funnel, you’ll get a step-by-step plan for methodically finding more leads for your organization, cultivating new prospects, and closing more deals.

Check out the course here.

So often in Economic Development Organizations, you may feel like you’re “checking marketing to-do’s off the list” and waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting for the phone to ring is hardly a strategy, and yet it’s what so many organizations are doing!

Meanwhile, your organization isn’t sure if standby marketing tactics, like print ads, are working…

But what should you do instead? Where do you start? What’s actually going to move the needle?

When you’re working with limited resources and staff, it’s even more important to spend your time & focus on proven strategies.

In Creating Your Prospect Funnel, I’ll walk you through the proven strategies I personally use with my one-on-one clients to create their strategic marketing funnel.

These strategies are all about helping you achieve better results in your community, like getting:

  • More businesses to expand locally
  • More people locating to your area
  • More investors seeing your community as the perfect place
  • Increasing investments in your community

I’ve designed Creating Your Prospect Funnel specifically for Economic Development Organizations, taking into account the challenges and goals specific to your industry.

You’ll walk away from Creating Your Prospect Funnel knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and will be able to get started immediately.

Over a course of 6 live webinars, you’ll get key strategies and action steps. Plus, every week you’ll get valuable insider resources like templates, worksheets, cheat sheets, and more.

Join Creating Your Prospect Funnel here.

And that’s not all…

I’ve included some special early bird bonuses when you sign up for the program by next Wednesday, March 1st at 6pm EST:

  1. Early Bird Pricing: First, you get $100 off the price of the program (which is already at a very accessible price, and a small fraction of the investment for working with an outside consultant).
  1. Bonus Private Consulting Call: In addition, you will also receive a bonus 45-minute one-on-one consulting call with me. We can use this call to look at your organization’s specific challenges and needs, and brainstorm your next best steps.

To get these bonuses, you must sign up for the course by next Wednesday, March 1st at 6pm EST!

Sign up here for Creating Your Prospect Funnel.


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